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Qualitative & Quantitative

Award Criteria

Evaluation criteria

The Sysmex Inostics Scientific Review Board (SII-SRB) will review each proposal based on submission criteria, scientific soundness, impact, feasibility, ethics, and overall alignment of company’s strategy.

Each project proposal will be ranked based on Project Value (PV), to be calculated according to the following formula:

PV = 0.45 A + 0.30 B + 0.25 C

The three evaluation criteria are:

A. Scientific merit and innovative nature of the project proposal

  1. Originality and innovative approach of the study proposal as to the current global scientific efforts
  2. Impact of expected results to current clinical guidelines and applicability of SII’s technology in patient management
  3. Contribution of study results to the improvement of current standard of care
  4. Probability of publications and other communications resulting from completion of study
  5. Scientific soundness of the proposal and feasibility of the work plan
  6. Contribution to scientific and technological knowledge overall or to the business sector.

B. Scientific merit of the research team

  1. Scientific productivity of the applicant/ research team (ranging from references to publications and citations in published works)
  2. Abilities and skills to adequately execute the proposed project (team configuration, PI’s qualifications)
  3. Presence of the applicant in conferences as a presenter via oral presentations or posters

C. Nature of the requested resources

  1. Suitability of budget for administrative costs, reagents, and consumables, etc.
  2. Description of the type of collaboration with intercompany teams

The three criteria are scored using a 4-point scale system (1-minimum; 4-maximum) and each of the criteria is rated using this scale with whole numbers only. The final score of PV is rounded to two decimal places.