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Press Release | Nov. 01, 2022

Sysmex Inostics Exhibits at Association of Molecular Pathology 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo in Phoenix Arizona

Company Unveils New Website  

Baltimore, MD, November 1, 2022 – Sysmex Inostics Inc., a subsidiary of Japan’s Sysmex Corporation and Baltimore-based biotechnology firm and CLIA-certified lab, will exhibit at the Association of Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo in Phoenix Arizona from November 3, 2022, through November 5, 2022. The company will exhibit at booth 701 and take meetings in Expo Hall room seven.

Sysmex Inostics will unveil its new website, developed with the award-winning creative agency TRAINA, which echoes Sysmex Inostics’ efforts to deliver intelligent, scientific solutions with a human-centric focus on the boundless potential of every patient.

“As a world-class CLIA lab and liquid biopsy provider, we employ innovative diagnostic tools to fight life shattering diseases. We believe in enhancing every phase of a patient’s journey, from helping bring life-saving drugs to market and expanding treatment options, to giving patients the tools and information they need to live the fullest life possible,” said Sysmex Inostics, CEO, Shinichi Sato.

“Our team is committed to changing outcomes for the better. We understand every molecule counts, every decision counts and every patient counts,” concluded Sato.

Sysmex Inostics helped pave the way to personal, accurate treatment of devasting diseases through its ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy and biomarker analysis. By empowering actionable molecular discoveries with its next generation sequencing Plasma-Safe-SeqS technology tests and in the past with its venerable OncoBEAM™ technology, the company has played a significant role in solid tumor cancer and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) discoveries serving the pharmaceutical, clinical, and research communities.

Sysmex Inostics has been active in 2022 with several noteworthy accomplishments:

Partnered with the Foundation of the National Institute of Health (FNIH) & Commenced New Ultra-Sensitive Leukemia Detection Test

In May, Sysmex Inostics partnered with FNIH to discover new modalities to detect and monitor AML Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) which has one of the worst cancer outcomes at a 31 percent 5-year relative survival rate.1

At the same time, Sysmex Inostics began to offer its AML-SEQ™ CLIA-validated testing service, a focused panel to detect mutations of the three most prevalent genes found in AML. The new test rounds out the company’s offerings with a less expensive test compared to the broader AML-MRD-SEQ for the detection of MRD in 68 regions across 20 genes launched in October 2021.

Launched Head & Neck Cancer CLIA Validated Testing Service

In February, Sysmex Inostics launched its Head & Neck Cancer CLIA-validated testing service, HNSCC sequencing, for cancers that are HPV-negative and driven by mutations in key genes. This test is complementary to the company’s HPV-SEQ service which can identify, quantify, and track HPV 16/18.

About Sysmex Inostics

Sysmex Inostics, Inc., a subsidiary of Japan’s Sysmex Corporation, is a Baltimore-based biotechnology firm and CLIA-certified lab offering biomarker testing to accelerate the development of personalized medicine.

The company’s goal is to transform the future of health, so life’s potential is not determined by a diagnosis of cancer and other devasting diseases. Utilizing its patented technologies, Sysmex Inostics can detect rare and minute traces of some of the world’s most elusive diseases, allowing for actionable insights to treat patients most effectively and enable them to live their fullest life beyond diagnosis.

Since 2008, Sysmex Inostics has played a significant role in solid tumor and liquid cancer discoveries serving the pharmaceutical, clinical, and research communities with the first commercially available liquid biopsy technology, OncoBEAM™. Now with its next generation sequencing (NGS) Plasma-Safe-SeqS technology panels, Sysmex Inostics empowers more accurate detection of low-frequency biomarkers with ultra-sensitive 0.03% to 0.05% allele frequency from a simple blood draw to expedite studies and uncover deeper insights into therapy response.

The company offers CLIA validated NGS testing services for AML, breast cancer, HPV16/18 quantification, HNSCC, and solid tumors impacted by RAS-RAF and PI3K signaling pathways.

In 2021, Sysmex Corporation announced a global strategic alliance with QIAGEN® to provide custom cancer companion diagnostics (CDx) utilizing Plasma-Safe-SeqS technology. The alliance is intended to promote early clinical implementation of Sysmex Inostics’ technology to expedite clinical trial timelines for pharmaceutical companies that develop molecularly targeted drugs for cancer.

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Tracy Vandenbroek, Senior Director, Marketing & Business Strategy, Sysmex Inostics