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Leader in liquid biopsy

Sysmex Inostics, a pioneering leader in liquid biopsy, offers comprehensive NGS testing services for clinical trials, enhancing oncology drug development and patient outcomes.

Our Mission

To uncover actionable molecular insights, with a seamless, end-to-end solutions for your clinical trials, without compromise or complexity.

Our Values

Anshin is a Japanese word at the core of the Sysmex corporate philosophy which means “peace of mind”. It is the singular guiding principle by which we do our work at Sysmex Inostics.

At Sysmex-Inostics, anshin stands for a state in which:

  • Customers have no concerns about the safety and quality of our products and services.
  • Stakeholders can trust, be confident and reassured in our relationship, transactions, interaction, and all other matters.
  • Individuals in society can be in a calm state of mind with little or no anxiety about their own health, lives, or other matters. We aim to ensure anshin with unmatched quality, advanced technology, mindful support, and actions that reflect the needs of our customers.

We constantly seek to better understand what our customers require so that we may generate new and more satisfactory solutions.


Our Pledge

The measure of our success will be in the response our customers have to our business approach. We commit to unwavering excellence in the delivery of solutions, leading to improved outcomes of patients with cancer.

Our Culture

We care about every molecule and every detail, and we have a passion for discovery. We are intelligent and optimistic, and focus on lighting a way forward to support the future of healthcare.

Our Experience
  • We are leaders in the liquid biopsy revolution and have been a CLIA Certified lab specializing in liquid biopsy since 2011
  • Our global reach through our parent company Sysmex Corporation and our strategic partnership with QIAGEN® allow us to provide robust CDx development and therapy commercialization capabilities
  • Our industry expertise has advanced several oncology therapies currently on the market
  • We have access to a myriad of powerful somatic variant detection solutions and are able to customize assays to fit your clinical study needs
SII 2021
Our Leadership

We bring hope to challenging situations. When answers seem impossible, we are committed to finding a way forward.

Shinichi Sato
Shinichi Sato
Chairman and CEO
Yosuke Baba
Yosuke Baba
Vice President of Corporate Development
Aaron J. Lizee
Vice President of Commercial Operations
Fred Jones
Frederick S. Jones, PhD
Head of Medical Scientific Affairs
Chevonne Eversley, PhD, FACMG
Head of Clinical Laboratory
Jennifer McCord
Jennifer McCord
Director of Finance
T Farmer
Takeisha Farmer
Director of QA/RA
Bernadette N. Owen, BS, MBA
Senior Manager, Projects
Our History

A lab like none other. A history of exploration and innovation.

SII Timeline 2003

BEAMing (OncoBEAM™) is developed as the first dPCR ctDNA technology (Liquid Biopsy).1


We formed Inostics to be the first Liquid Biopsy provider.

SII Timeline 2008
SII Timeline 2011

Plasma-Safe-SeqS (PSS) is developed as the first UMI-based NGS Liquid Biopsy technology.2


Our CLIA lab is established to offer the first clinical Liquid Biopsy services for patients in 2013.

Sysmex Inostics CLIA Lab
Sysmex Inostics liquid biopsy

Sysmex acquires Inostics to add IVD expertise and global market access capabilities.


PSS is shown to have equivalent sensitivity to OncoBEAM.3

SII Timeline 2020

BC-SEQ and RAS-RAF-SEQ become Sysmex Inostics’ first CLIA validated PSS testing services.

AML-MRD-SEQ shows promise for recurrence monitoring.4


HPV-SEQ and AML-MRD-SEQ are added to our Baltimore CLIA Lab’s test menu.

QIAGEN® becomes our CDx partner.

HPV-SEQ is proven to detect HPV 16 & 18 in the blood of patients5

NSCLC-SEQ has equivalent sensitivity to OncoBEAM.6

SII 2021

HNSCC-SEQ and AML-SEQ are added to our Test Menu.

HPV-SEQ is used to de-escalate treatment of HPV-driven cancer patients.7


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