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diagnostics provider.

We are uniquely known for our ability to detect rare and minute traces of some of the world’s most elusive diseases.

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We bring hope to hard situations. When answers seem impossible, we are committed to finding a way forward.

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We care about every molecule and every detail, and we have a passion for discovery. We are intelligent and optimistic, and focus on lighting a way forward to support the future of health.

Our history

A lab like none other

A history of exploration and innovation.

  • 20 03

    BEAMing (OncoBEAM™) is developed as the first dPCR ctDNA technology (Liquid Biopsy).1
  • 20 08

    We formed Inostics to be the first Liquid Biopsy provider.
  • 20 11

    PSS is developed as the first UMI-based NGS Liquid Biopsy technology.2
  • 20 12

    Our CLIA lab is established to offer the first clinical Liquid Biopsy services for patients in 2013.
  • 20 13

    Sysmex acquires Inostics to add IVD expertise and global market access capabilities.
  • 20 19

    PSS is shown to have equivalent sensitivity to OncoBEAM3
  • 20 20

    BC-SEQ and RAS-RAF-SEQ become Sysmex Inostics’ first CLIA validated PSS testing services.
    AML-MRD-SEQ shows promise for recurrence monitoring.4
  • 20 21

    HPV-SEQ and AML-MRD-SEQ are added to our Baltimore CLIA Lab’s test menu.
    QIAGEN® becomes our CDx partner.
    HPV-SEQ is proven to detect HPV 16 & 18 in the blood of patients5
    NSCLC-SEQ has equivalent sensitivity to OncoBEAM.6
  • 20 22

    HNSCC-SEQ and AML-SEQ are added to our Test Menu.
    HPV-SEQ is used to de-escalate treatment of HPV-driven cancer patients.7
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If you’re curious, courageous, and bright, we’d love you to consider joining our mission in fighting for a world where diagnosis doesn’t determine life’s potential.

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