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Sysmex Inostics at 2024 ASCO® Annual Meeting, Booth 12139

Together for a better healthcare journey

We are fully committed to providing unwavering support to our biopharma clients at every stage of the clinical trial process. Our aim is to deliver seamless end-to-end solutions without any compromises or unnecessary complexities. Our extensive portfolio includes a wide range of cfDNA and cfRNA NGS services, all backed by an exceptional project management team that sets us apart.

Affiliated presentations at 2024 ASCO® Annual Meeting

Plasma mutational burden in PIK3CA and TP53 independently predicts early progression in patients with HR+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer (MBC) enrolled in the GEICAM/2014-12 FLIPPER trial.

Presenter: Dr. Federico Rojo

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Neoadjuvant HPV16-specific arenavirus-based immunotherapy HB-200 plus chemotherapy followed by response-stratified de-intensification in HPV16+ oropharyngeal cancer: “TARGET HPV

Presenter: Dr. Ari Rosenberg

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Our assays

Our vast portfolio of molecular assays yields informative data from ctDNA & cfRNA samples, aiding in host immune response evaluation & therapeutic monitoring biomarker identification.

Broad panels

Broad Panel Assays:

Liquid Trace and Profile Plus Technology*

Our approach provides high sensitivity and specificity across a large set of genes. Our RNA capabilities go beyond fusion detection to include analyzing exon skipping, alternative splicing and gene expression.

Targeted Panel Assays:

Plasma-Safe-SeqS (PSS) Technology

Detecting low frequency somatic variants requires ultrasensitive liquid biopsy approaches. Our targeted approach balances the primary need for high sensitivity with the breadth of genomic coverage, providing confidence that somatic variants can be detected even at exceedingly low concentrations.


cfHPV DNA Assay:


With the ability to reliably and consistently detect as low as 2 copies of cfHPV-DNA, HPV-SEQ makes a powerful tool for surveillance and monitoring during development of cancer therapies for HPV driven cancers.

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