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Plasma-Safe-SeqS Technology

Ultra-sensitive NGS liquid biopsy solution with robust detection as low as 0.03%* MAF across a broad range of genomic regions

No molecule left behind

Our new Plasma-Safe-SeqS NGS technology can detect clinically relevant mutations in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) with sensitivity equivalent to our gold standard OncoBEAM digital PCR liquid biopsy technology.

The Plasma-Safe-SeqS platform also discriminates real mutations from errors that could have been introduced by technologies during the amplification and sequencing processes, so you can count on increased accuracy.

Sysmex-Inostics’ Plasma-Safe-SeqS is a low error rate (“safe”) technology. With Plasma-Safe-SeqS technology, each DNA molecule is assigned a unique identifier (UID). Then, UID families are amplified and deep sequenced.

*For input of 20,000 genomic equivalents

Efficiently and effectively focus on novel clinical biomarker hypotheses with Plasma-Safe-SeqS – Download now to get the facts:

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  • When it comes to tumor profiling, our improved NGS technology makes a world of difference in delivering useful clinical information. With traditional NGS testing, sample-input DNA often limits assay sensitivity and results in increased costs since fixed pan-cancer NGS assays expend sequencing power on clinically unnecessary gene regions.
  • By accurately identifying ctDNA across various tumor types, Plasma-Safe-SeqS best-in-class sensitivity can ensure the most efficient patient enrollment in clinical trials and expedite advanced therapeutic clinical development. Built-in workflow optimizations and conservation of input DNA molecules ensure efficient ctDNA detection for clinically relevant targets.
  • Our Plasma-Safe-SeqS products are customizable for our BioPharma partners to focus on novel clinical biomarker hypotheses.
  • Our ctDNA molecular diagnostics experts can quickly assess your specific requirements and provide you with a range of options.

Clinical Revelance

Our cost-effective industry-leading ultra-sensitive NGS liquid biopsy solutions identify tumor mutations across cancer types for even the low-frequency mutant alleles (<0.05%) with high specificity. It provides focused and flexible genomic coverage for a range of intended uses:

  • Inform therapy selection
  • Dynamically monitor tumor response
  • Identify molecular mediators of resistance
  • Detect minimal residual disease (MRD) at a variant level

Expert designed ultra-sensitive Plasma-Safe-SeqS panels

  • BC-SEQ

Routine clinical testing: Plasma-Safe-SeqS testing vs Pan-Cancer NGS

Plasma-Safe-SeqSS (NGS) OTHER ctDNA NGS
Sensitivity MAF >0.03% PMAF >0.5-1.0%
Sample Volume 2x10mL tubes of whole blood ≥ 2x10mL tubes of whole blood
Gene Coverage Clinically-relevant,
adjustable coverage
Indiscriminate, fixed coverage
of 40+ genes
Customizable High-fidelity Low capability to customize
HRAS 9-27, 55-67, 105-118, 144-150 Putative therapeutic indication
Marker of poor prognosis
Cost Efficient High