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NGS liquid biopsy
kit solutions

With more than 10 years of experience in liquid biopsy, Sysmex Inostics is propelling liquid biopsy solutions forward with a new next-generation sequencing-based assay: the Plasma-SeqSensei™ IVD* and RUO** kits.

Built on ultra-sensitive Plasma-Safe-SeqS technology, the new Plasma-SeqSensei™ kit portfolio detects and identifies mutations in various genes in human circulating cell-free DNA isolated from blood plasma.

Plasma-SeqSensei™ kits provide narrow panels with ultra-high sensitivity down to 0.06% mutant allele fractions (MAF) and absolute limit detection of 6 mutant molecules (MM) which is important for the clinical research purpose such as response monitoring, recurrence monitoring, and minimal residual disease detection.

*Currently only available in EMEA region.

**For research use only. Any in vitro diagnostics purpose has not been established by the manufacturer.

Unique Benefits

Highly sensitive

  • Detects 0.06% and higher MAF with 95% certainty (in a background of 10,000 wildtype copies)
  • Determines mutant molecules (MM) down to a limit of detection of 6 (independent of real sample DNA input)

Absolute quantification of samples using internal quantifier

Usage of UIDs (unique molecular identifiers)

  • Reduces error reporting rate over 100-fold

Standardized workflow and high reproducibility

High flexibility and efficiency

  • Processes 2 to 16 samples per run
  • Pools multiple PSS RUO libraries in one run to save time and sequencing costs (not available for IVD kits)

Short turnaround time

  • Takes ~2 days for 16 samples from DNA extraction to results (including sequencing time)

Easy-to-use and convenient Plasma-SeqSensei™ Software

  • Integrates run-planning feature
  • Provides sample variant call file, including validity checks for sample results
  • Automates data analysis and generation of PDF-report per sample