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Supporting your clinical trials in every phase

To expedite oncology studies and provide deeper insights into patients response to new therapies, we provide a range of targeted and broad NGS panels. We utilize a partnership model with BioPharma customers and demonstrate early engagement with shared governance to prioritize and co-manage your studies.

Our scientific expertise and dedicated teams ensure:

  • Consistency
  • Timeliness
  • Reliability on our robust platforms
  • Data analysis reporting
  • Compliance with rigorous regulatory standards such as CLIA, GLP, MD, RI, PA, and CA

End-to-end solution for clinical trials

Phase 1

  • Reveal unknown biomarker dynamics with broad NGS panels
  • Biomarker monitoring for initial drug response
  • Biomarker mutational profiling

Phase 2

  • Monitor therapy response with broad or targeted NGS panels
  • Biomarker mutational profiling to better understand disease
  • Clinical trial screening to aid enrollment
  • Explore companionDx partnership capabilities

Phase 3

  • Clinical trial screening to aid enrollment
  • Monitor therapy response in randomized studies
  • Coordinate companionDx process & support FDA submission

Phase 4

  • Long term longitudinal biomarker monitoring
  • Collect safety/efficacy information
  • Long-term sample storage available

CDx offered through our partnership with QIAGEN

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Focused, sensitive genomic sequencing solutions

Sysmex Inostics’ services are accelerating the pace of drug discovery and therapeutic development, enabling new treatment alternatives and renewed hope for cancer patients.

Our vast portfolio of molecular assays yields informative data from cfDNA & cfRNA samples, aiding in host immune response evaluation and therapeutic monitoring biomarker identification.

Broad panels

Broad Panel Assays:

Liquid Trace and Profile Plus Technology*

Comprehensive genomic profiling using next generation sequencing with machine/deep learning.

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Targeted Panel Assays:

Plasma-Safe-SeqS (PSS) Technology

Detect, track, and monitor relevant mutations in cell free DNA at low levels (0.03 – 0.05%) with high specificity.

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cfHPV DNA Assay:


Quantitative detection of HPV DNA across a broad dynamic range.

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 Interested in working with us, or just have some questions?