February 15, 2023

With liquid biopsy, sensitivity matters


Biomarker detection

Sysmex Inostics empowers accurate low-frequency biomarker detection from a simple blood draw.

  • Detect earlier
  • Monitor easily
  • Partner confidently
  • Leader in ultra-sensitivity

Our lab runs blood-based biomarker analyses to detect, track, and monitor relevant mutations in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) at low levels (0.03-0.05%) with high specificity.

Expedite your clinical studies and uncover deeper insights into therapy response.

Our video presentation illustrates how our Plasma-Safe-SeqS NGS technology can detect clinically relevant mutations in ctDNA as low as 0.03%* mutant allele frequency (MAF). Plasma-Safe-SeqS ensures reliable molecular information for real-time therapy selection as well as monitoring of tumor response.

*For input of 20,000 genomic equivalents